The Silence

The world had fallen into a long and terrible silence.

The Silence dominates much of Haven’s history, an estimated five hundred years of struggle and hardships following the Days of Discord. It encapsulates the fall of the Human Imperium up to the discovery of magic. The earliest days are shrouded in myth and mystery, as the exact details of the Imperium’s collapse aren’t so clear cut. It was this sudden and catastrophic collapse that made way for the various races and cultures that came to power during the Awakening.


The sudden destruction of the Imperium left a large power vacuum in it’s place. With no centralized government the widespread cities grew distant and isolated from each other. In addition, human populations had sharply declined, and although this is assumed to go in hand with the collapse no cause has been discovered. Whatever the case, humanity was a shadow of it’s former self, occupying crumbling, empty cities and desperately trying to hold on.

New humanoid races began to appear in the many years that followed . Some question whether these split off from humanity (which could explain the large drop in human population), or whether they simply replaced them as they were powerless to resist at this point. No true successor to the Imperium had formed, however. Civilization was still in an early stage, but things wouldn’t stay this way forever.

The world was forever changed by the discovery of the Archons. Those who found them were given the gift of elemental magic, a power that quickly accelerated Haven forward. The gift was spread and taught among those who had discovered it, with early magi and the Archons themselves bringing communities together.

The Silence

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