Pale Summit

This is a historic occasion, for in this age of conflict our two great peoples were able to put reason before needless bloodshed. Peace and prosperity in our time.
Emissary Katrin at the first Pale Summit

The Pale Summit was a peace conferance that marked the end of the Nerevan Conflict between the The Dominion, The Kast, the Winter Council, and Cyrande. A devastating loss in Pale Pass forced the Dominion to surrender or risk further retaliation and joint invasion of Arcadia. A peace conference was arranged and a treaty, the Nerevar Accords, were enacted to prevent future conflict and establish stronger diplomatic relations between the belligerents.

Dominion Defeat at Pale Pass

After relative ease in defeating the Kast, Dominion forces fought desperately to breach the Winter Council’s position atop Winterhold, deep within the Pale Pass, but found little success. Kindred armies from Cyrande responded to the invasion by reinforcing the fallen city, trapping the Dominion in the pass and forcing them to make a final push north as their flank collapsed. The well entrenched soldiers of the Council continued to hold their ground as the Dominion command stubbornly pushed forward. With the death of their Executor in the fight, their strategic command was crippled. His subordinate Saren, a Volant captain, frantically surrendered to save what remained of their army, famously marching on the enemy camp alone with the body of his commander.

Saren was detained and held at ransom while the army was stripped of their arms. A message was sent to the Arcade demanding an immediate end to the conflict at risk of counterattack and the death of their captives. The Seraph, intent on bringing an end to this conflict, left to negotiate the terms on behalf of the Dominion. The Winter Council sent Luminary Halle, the Kast sent Lord Ricard, and Cyrande sent Emissary Katrin.

The Conference

The talks took place over a tense few weeks within the walls of Winterhold. Each of the diplomatic envoys were granted protection for the duration of their stay should a treaty not be reached. In addition, they would each be allowed to maintain communication with their governments for updates regarding the working treaty.

Ricard opened the talks by condemning the Dominion’s actions and citing the destruction of half of his city as evidence of their fault in the conflict. He demanded the immediate withdrawl of Dominion forces and return of their conquered of land back to Kastor, as well as reparations for the land and lives lost. Halle was willing to commit to an invasion of Arcadia should they refuse, although Katrin’s decision to limit their involvement to protecting Nerevar weakened their threats. The Seraph was willing to agree to peace but worried that his council would ignore any treaty that let the other powers continue their destructive behavior, even one with his approval. He proposed additional terms that would allow Dominion diplomats to oversee ratifying powers and ensure that steps are taken to reduce their impact on the environment. Katrin saw no reason to dispute, their land is barren and there are no trees for him to lay claim to. The Seraph allowed Cyrande’s exclusion from the agreement. Halle agreed to the terms under condition that they have the freedom to implement the policy as they see fit. Ricard expressed similar sentiments upon agreement.

Still doubtful of lasting peace with the Dominion, Ricard moved for the creation of a buffer zone in Nerevar so the peace could be more readily enforced if broken. It would be patrolled by a task force of the current powers excluding the Dominion, and any military incursions into the zone would be in violation of treaty. The Seraph accepted on the condition that no pre-war Dominion territory be used in it’s creation, only the territory that they were ceding back. Land was set aside for it’s creation and the treaty was finalized.

Halle then questioned the Dominion as a world power, citing it’s size and strength as threats to global peace. He felt that Arcadia could not be trusted to hold sway over such a large territory. The other parties agreed and motioned for Arcadia to loosen it’s grip on it’s holdings, effectively hoping to turn the Dominion into an inefficient confederacy that would fight among itself rather than look to others for conflict. The Seraph reluctantly agreed, but saw the possibility for reforming the runaway power that he had lost control of.

As the talks came to a close, Katrin expressed interest in continued talks between the powers to keep diplomatic relations in good standing. What started as an agreement to return in one year to re-negotiate the terms became an agreement to establish a permanent site for diplomatic talks. To show solidarity for those lost in all sides of the conflict, The Seraph proposed a monument to the fallen soldiers at said site. All were in favor and the terms were ratified under the newly christened Nerevar Accords.


The following terms outlined the end of the Nerevan Conflict:

  • Dominion forces are to be withdrawn from Nerevar.
  • Nerevan territory conquered by the Dominion is to be ceded back to Kastor.
  • The Dominion, if it is to remain, must be decentralized, with it’s member states retaining their sovereignty.
  • A buffer zone, the Nerevan Shield, defended by a neutral task force of Kindred, Kast, and Council soldiers, is to be established and actively maintained. Entrance into the zone by any other military force is an act of war.
  • A permanent diplomatic center is to be established in Pale Pass for future diplomacy between member powers and amendments of all such agreements.
  • All powers present except Cyrande will reduce any harmful actions taken against the environment, as monitored by Dominion enforcers in embassies to be established in all political centers.
  • Ratifying powers are to contribute towards a memorial, to be located at the future diplomatic center, dedicated to all of those who died in the conflict.


The Accords were ratified and dispatched to the capitals of those who signed. As now hallowed ground and a historic site relevant to the conflict, Winterhold was chosen as the site of the diplomatic center and the memorial. It would serve as a reminder to all future diplomats of the price of war. The Dominion soldiers kept as prisoners of war were allowed to return home under armed escort through the Nerevan Shield.

The Accords were globally accepted, the Seraph in particular content with the terms reached and hopeful that the world powers would learn to respect nature with their guidance. Now popular with his people once more, he effectively replaced his entire council without drawing the ire of the masses. Checks on the Executor in particular were made to prevent a rogue military element from mobilizing without his approval. Ricard slowly rebuilt Kastor, leading his people back out into Nerevar. Halle recognized the new-found strength of the Winter Council’s alliance and convinced the clans to formally unite under it. Katrin returned having successfully secured Nerevar as a safe area for trade, gaining influence that resulted in her eventual appointment as the Matriarch.

Pale Summit

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