_ For an eternity I have watched the rise and fall of nations, the birth and death of great kings, and now you, my faithful Chronicler. Though a troubled future lies ahead for all of us, believe me, I have seen far worse. _
Ravenna to her Chronicler

An Oracle is a person blessed by the Timeless One to be his eye, granting them limited foresight into future events as the timeline is weaved and detailed knowledge past events. Through intensive focus and meditation it is possible for such knowledge to be divined from the timeline, although the future is always uncertain and subject to change. The very act of divination can change the timeline; in practice the ability is used sparingly.

Oracles cannot die from natural causes, although they can be killed. For all intents and purposes they are considred immortal and worshiped as demigods. Pilgrimages to Oracles are not unheard of as many desire the comfort of knowing their futures. Oracles who will offer such services are rather uncommon, however, and finding one can be very difficult.

Already few in number, almost all Oracles have died over the course of Haven’s history. Only Oracle Ravenna holds the title with any degree of prominence. She maintains her sanctum atop Stormcrown Peak, where she directs her small order of scholars and worshippers in protecting Haven’s history and updating the Chronicle.


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