There are many a tale of men who passed into the Ethereal and lost their minds. Ceaseless winds tear away at your soul until only a bitter, lifeless shadow remains.

The Ethereal Plane, commonly known as the Ether, is the realm of magic and the deceased. It is a stark, lifeless reflection of the physical world that it mirrors marked by it’s constant howling winds that drown out the voices of it’s inhabitants. Mortals can enter the realm and are said to pass into the Ethereal while dreaming, meditating, or nearing death. Spirits wander the Ethereal endlessly until they are released into the Aetherium or cast into the Void. They are able to make limited contact with the physical world if they can overcome the winds, usually done through ritual or intense focus on the spirits part.

Magic influences the Ethereal in ways that are not completely understood. Spells often cause disturbances that ripple across the fabric of the Ethereal. Many theorize that use of magic is what causes the winds, while other believes that magic is fueled by these winds. Focal points where the winds are strongest are common places for magical study and rituals. Necromancers are known to manipulate the Ethereal in this manner.

Spirits that inhabit this plane are often called Ethereals or Shades, and are described as hazy and obscured by dark shadows, which move or blow with the wind, when viewed. Attempts to communicate with Ethereals are marred by the winds. Other beings, while rare, do exist in this plane. Strifes are wild spirits and a notable example that prey on anyone passing through. Wisps are also thought to originate from this plane as remnants of destroyed spirits.


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